Business Tax Preparation & Planning

When it comes to business tax preparation, you need a team that understands your company’s finances, as well as which tax deductions you may be eligible for. Our dedicated business tax specialists carefully inspect your current financial situation to determine how much your business will owe. From there, we can assist with filling out the necessary documentation and establishing a clear line of communication between your business and the IRS. With our help, March 15th becomes just another day for your business.

Cash Flow Statement

We will help in preparing the cash flow statement to understand the cash inflows and outflows of your company under the categories of operating, investing and financing activities.

Balance Sheet

We will also help your business in the Balance sheet analysis to define the assets, liabilities, and equity of your company.

Income Statement

The Income Statement analysis will help your company to understand the cost structure of your business, and its ability to earn a profit.

Business Auditing:

It is important to be prepared in case your business is audited by the IRS. With the help of our tax specialists, we will provide a clear and effective plan to resolve the tax problems quickly and simply. We ease the auditing process by compiling documents and information to make it available for IRS. Don’t allow the stress of being audited to put a strain on your company.

Our Mortgage Consultation Services include:

We can advise you with finding a loan program that will allow for an affordable down payment. Also, based on certain circumstances, we determine if you qualify for special loans programs like the Department of Veterans or Federal Housing Administration.

Once we gathered all your financial information and review your credit report we can advise you what actions you can take to improve the credit score to secure the right mortgage for you. This saves the time and frustration of having to run credit checks in the hopes that your application will be accepted.

Having trouble with your housing application? We can walk you through the application process including preparing and compiling the documents and reading the fine print and working out any discrepancies. This prevents any hidden fees or other issues once an agreement has been reached.